Asian American church proponents like myself are not against the Multiethnic church!


I get this vibe—that Christians who are rah rah for multiethnicity think that Christians who are rah rah for Asian American stuff are against them.

I get this vibe when a multiethnic person asks me, “you’re not like Famous-to-us AA minister, are you?  Just into forming a separate Asian American church?”

I get this vibe after I vehemently explained at a dinner party—that we Asian American Christians are not there in knowing who we are, our culture, how we do church, that we need a place of our own first to figure things out—and the next day, a blogger sitting last night at my dinner table posts about how any homogeneous church is wrong.

Is this a fair vibe?   Or am I imagining it?

For the record—this is what I think.  I cannot and do not speak for any other or all Asian American Christians.

Allow me to be…

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