Fragments: The Incarnation

A Pilgrim's Theology

  1. The incarnation shows the uttermost love and gives hope for a ruined humanity (here).
  2. The key text on the incarnation (here).
  3. The incarnation is a model for ministry (here).
  4. It humbles us, by removing the pretense that we are our own god (here).
  5. Athanasius on the incarnation (here).
  6. The incarnation is not a puzzle to solve, but a cause for worship (here).
  7. The nativity is the beginning of the theology of the cross (here).
  8. God makes himself vulnerable in the incarnation (here).
  9. The incarnation is the first of two comings for Jesus (here).
  10. God became an ordinary human (and baby) (here).
  11. The incarnation is God’s grace, come in human form (here).
  12. God became a true and full human with all of the issues we have–except for sin (

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