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Counter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age by: David Platt

Sunday Gatherings

Counter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian AgeCounter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age by David Platt
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Pray to God, participate with God, and proclaim the Gospel. Do these things not because you have a low-grade sense of guilt that you out to act, but do them because you have a high-grade sense of grace that makes you want to act. do them because you know that you were once impoverished in your sin, a slave to Satan, orphaned from and God, and alone in this world.

David Platt is known for his radical call to live out the gospel. This book is an application of the gospel to social issues that have divided this country and continues to raise emotions for believers and non believers alike. It is easy to be complacent, hide or the opposite and go in fill battle with our self-righteousness. But what does the Gospel…

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How can God use me?

The Rogers

How can God use me right where I am? This is a question we ask ourselves because we have many commitments, just like you.manymembers

Recently, it has led to Karen helping assist our community to more effectively connect with different ethnic groups to help build relationships through which the gospel message can pass. She is also training and equipping a group of interns who will take the gospel to campuses around the country. I am transitioning to a new role that will help maximize AIA Sport TEAM’s resources to partner with even more organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Please pray for our family. As we attempt to take back the enemy’s territory, he is on the attack. You are the foundation of what God has done through our ministry. We share the same vision of changing the world through sports by seeing a Christ-follower on every team…

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Stewards Are to Be Trustworthy — Biblical Stewardship Principles

Randy Alcorn says, “Servants seek to be trustworthy, to handle their master’s estate in a way that would please him. They do this until the master returns or until death, no matter how many years it may be until then. Stewardship is the servant’s life calling. Resignation is not an option.”[1] “It is required of […]

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My daughter’s reply: What money lessons did you learn from your father?

Smart Money

“Enjoyed the article, thought I would write one of my own.” 

What money lessons did you learn from your father?

By Deanna Di Lello

When I was seven or eight years old my father took me to the bank to open my first savings account. I had been given ten dollars as a birthday present and it was going in the bank to earn interest!

When the account was set up I was handed my very first bank book. Whenever I had Christmas or Birthday money – in the bank it went and I watched the number in my book go up and up. My father taught me to save, but that’s not all he taught me.

The value of money

I earned an allowance as a kid and when I was old enough I got a paper route. Buying a toy with the money I had earned was much…

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Do Millennials Have Their $$$$ Together? Meh… — Millennial American

Based on an initial glance at the general habits of Millennials one would most likely scoff at our spending habits, willingness to save, and lack of financial literacy. We seem to spend a ridiculous amount of our money on unimportant things like coffee, random crap on Amazon, and super-awesome cocktails at hipster bars downtown. However, if you look with a bit of a wider lens you’ll notice a generation that, whether purposely or not, seems to have learned a lesson from the great recession.

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Student Debt & Investing



Even if you are saddled with student debt, investing may prove to be one of the best ways to assist you in paying off your loans.  When I completed law school and passed the bar, I faced the staggering reality that I would have to pay off student loans in excess of $300,000!  This realization has not prevented me from investing money every month despite my initial hesitancy.  The following article supports the proposition that monthly investments will assist graduates with student loan debt in the long run:

While I have (and will continue to) discuss the strategies memorialized in Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, it would be prudent to purchase and read a copy of the book yourself prior to investing any personal funds.  Adhere to Graham’s principles and you will find that success in the stock market is attainable.


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“A Prayer Of Thanks For Being Rescued”

A Daily Prayer

Praying man Merciful Father, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. Our dwelling place is not found in the kingdom of this world but in Your spiritual kingdom where our life saving rescue took place as Jesus died on the cross on our behalf. Because of His sacrificial death You have delivered us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of Your beloved Son in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of our sins. There is no greater or more lasting rescue that changes the direction of our lives here on earth and also the direction of our eternal destiny in the life hereafter. We will thank and praise You for our life transforming rescue for all of eternity. Amen.

For this message, photos, links to music and other resources see our website.

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