When the Holy Spirit Prays for you

A disciple's study

from Brad Hambrick

This post is meant to offer guidance to common “What now?” questions that could emerge from Pastor J.D.’s sermon on John 14:12-26 preached at The Summit Church Saturday/Sunday February 25-26, 2012.

If the Holy Spirit is indeed “the shy member of the Trinity” (always drawing attention to Jesus), then Romans 8 is a passage where His bashfulness if most noticeable. The role of the Holy Spirit in Romans 8 is often tragically lost and often leads to applications of this passage that do not reflect Paul’s pastoral intent when he penned these verses.

Most Christians know (whether they quote or cringe) verse 28, “All things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” But few recitations of this passage trace the journey of how Paul applied this truth; as a result the sovereignty of the Father is emphasized to the neglect of…

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