The Pathway to Humility

I-Challenge You

Sermons of the Week:

Piper Sermon: The Demonstration of God’s Righteousness Part 1

Rogers Sermon: How to Be the Father of a Wise Child

Good Morning Men. I have decided to attach two sermons. I know that Pastor John Piper can be very meaty and deep, so I wanted to make sure there was something more palatable for everyone from the new believer to the non-believer to enjoy. From now on I will be attaching two sermons, one from Pastor John. The other from Pastor Adrian Rogers.

Also, this weeks devotion was something my wife shared with me from her women’s ministry. I thought it was really powerful and decided to share it with you all this week.

Praying for this ministry, praying for all of your relationships with Christ and for the marriages in this group. Men, I really just long and desire for all of you to know God…

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