Repeal and Replace

Scott Knowlton's Blog

Repeal and replace would be considered a trigger phrase in the United States today.  Most people who pay any attention naturally think about the arguments over the US healthcare system.  I like for my blog posts to be relevant, so I take everyday phrases, events, or illustrations and turn our thoughts toward Jesus.  I understand that as I do this I sometimes risk losing some readers because they are so opinionated about certain things.  This is probably one of them.  But if you will hang with me, this is not about healthcare.  It’s about “repeal and replace”.

This morning I listened to a Matt Chandler sermon.  He said that in our world, God is in the process of deconstructing the way the world is and reconstructing it the way He made it.  I would expound on that observation by arguing that on a more personal level, we must understand…

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