When You Lose Your Grip Or When Something Has Grip On You

Expansive Healing

Happy Saturday and happy graduation! It makes me think when I graduated the last.. 10 years! Wow! That long! I wrote a blog thinking that I’m free to do something else; however, the topic again rings. So, instead of holding onto the thoughts for the next week or letting go of this, I’ll write it since I got “write about it.” Today’s topic is when you lose your control, what can you do?

I’m forming a class titled “How to shift your stress.” It’s a four-weeks remote class. When I had a really rough time last month, as I going through the process of getting out of the intensity, I had a thought to share how to do in such time. So, I’m doing the class this month, July and August. I’ll continue later on, but I’m not sure the time and dates after September. I might put another form…

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