Blessed is Best (Psalm 112)

Growing Godly Generations



What do you want God to do in your life?

Really, if Jesus were to stand before you and ask, “How can I bless your life today?”, How would you respond? At this point, some of you are starting to think of dreams and desires. But there are likely others who have doubts. You’re thinking, “Does God even care about me?” and “Could God really bless me today?” And I am here to share a message with you today of great affirmation. God does want to bless your life and Psalm 112 tells us how.

Blessings_Summer Psalms_June 2017

EXAMINE           Psalm 112      Blessed Is Best

Blessed is the man… (Ps 112:1)

One of the themes we are looking at this summer is the way God blesses us. The Psalms speak of God blessing His people at least forty-eight times.[1] From the beginning of creation God is a blessing God (Gen…

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