Why Trying Really Hard and Failing Is the Only Way to Succeed

Shall Speak To Nations

I want to take a brief pause from the devotional-commentary and talk about something really important for Christians. In light of the fall of man, the subsequent increasing sinfulness of humanity, and the coming announcement of the flood in our study in Genesis we can get a little discouraged.

Because we know in our hearts we aren’t much better. If you are honest, you might think “I bet God is sorry about me too.”

In C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, he talks about what he calls the two levels of faith. The first level using your reason to come to the point where you decide to believe that Christianity is true. The second level of faith is holding on to what you know is true despite the emotional moods which rise against it (as opposed to true rational obstacles which must be tackled).

Then he talks about failure. And how until…

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