Blessings of ingesting God’s Word

Knowing God through His Word ... Day by Day

Past 7 of Sam Storms’ commentary on Psalm 119:

What blessings and benefits accrue to those who by God’s grace and energizing presence actually ingest his Word? What may those expect who fix their faith on obedience to what he has revealed? Here’s a sampling:

  • they are declared: “blessed” (vv. 1-2),
  • they “shall not be put to shame” (vv. 6, 31, 46, 80),
  • they will be kept from sinning against God (vv. 9,11),
  • they enjoy beholding wondrous things (v. 18),
  • they are spared scorn and contempt (v. 22),
  • they receive counsel (v. 24),
  • they experience true life (vv. 25, 37, 93),
  • they are strengthened (v. 28),
  • they experience the enlargement of the heart (v. 32),
  • they avoid selfish gain (v. 36),
  • they find wise answers for their enemies (v. 42),
  • they experience comfort and delight in the midst of affliction (vv. 50, 52, 92, 107, 143, 153),
  • as well as…

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