5 Ways God Boosts Your Faith

Jesus Christ, Underground

News Flash!  God wants a relationship with YOU.  That’s right, He truly does.  However, it doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen without some stuff happening in your life.  What stuff you might ask?  Faith building stuff!  What kind of faith building stuff?  Well, here we go:

Practical Teaching

If you recognize any of these things, I’m proud of you because you are already following Andy Stanley.  Andy is the big cheese over at Northpoint Ministries in Atlanta, GA.  To me, he represents some of the best practical Bible teaching that I have ever heard.  His ability to translate key Bible verses into usable information is unparalleled.  Not only that, his humble, non-flashy approach proves that this is not a show and it is a true way to learn and live your life.  I love Andy Stanley so much that I actually bought two of his books.  If you…

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