The gift of endurance to maintain our Faith

One Blue Horse

timeThe enemy wants us to get discouraged and give up, knowing that if we fall into the lie of discouragement, it will multiply in our own minds, bringing us down.

The gift of endurance is a pretty broad topic. What does God’s Word say about this powerful gift?

Endurance can conjure up many thoughts, mostly pertaining to a race, and certainly a reflection of strength that remains even after you are tired and worn out. Images of one running a race, not a sprint, gives us a physical description of the Godly Strength of endurance.

In a Believer’s walk, we often get a prompting from the Holy Spirit to step out in faith. This step starts out as a leap at times… as we are excited about what God has in store for us. We are hot out of the gates.

What happens when we start to lose the momentum…

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