~Psalm 46 Through the Lens of Terror~ By Rheannon (Pray for Manchester)

~Powerful Women of God~

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~A Rebuttal of Terror~ By Rheannon

I heard a man on KLove yesterday talking about Psalm 46:10, where God Himself says, “Be still, and know that I am God…”  I had always thought of that verse as a comforting statement about the situations we may find ourselves in as believers in this life – and it is.  But what I hadn’t realized is that what God is declaring about Himself is really more like a commandment.  The comma says it all!  “Be still, …” That is such a powerful thing.  God is telling us to actually hold still and trust Him as the Great and Mighty Conqueror that He is.  He really is our ever present help in our times of need.  I’m just struck by the power that statement packs.  This is no…

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