A New Kind of Discrimination

Faith and Footsteps

It is virtually impossible to turn on the television, read the newspaper, or peruse the internet these days without seeing or hearing something about some kind of racism or discrimination.  Sometimes it’s born out of fear, like the rampant discrimination towards anyone of middles eastern descent following 9/11 has shown.  Sometimes, discrimination stems from ignorance, as is the case in the majority of our racial problems today.  Whatever the cause, humans sadly find ways to feel hate or disgust towards others who are not like them.

I believe there’s a new kind of discrimination prevalent in our society and it’s no less impactful than other kinds, even though it receives far less attention.  It doesn’t take much time to look around and notice that the bulk of society, upper education, and the media as a whole have become much more liberal leaning than ever before.  They would argue it’s a result…

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