Praising the Lord for His Grace

Praying for the millennials

Gracious Lord, we marvel at Your matchless grace!   We thank and praise You for the way You continue to shower the Christian millennials with Your grace. This young generation has a heart to change the world and make a difference for the kingdom of God.  Help them to maximize every opportunity for Christ so that they will make an eternal  impact for Your Glory. Mobilize more saved millennials to reach their peers with the Gospel.

We thank and praise You for these young believers who do not take Your grace for granted.  They believe the words of our Lord Jesus who said  “…without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5b NKJV).

Yes Lord, by Your great grace, You have empowered many of them to be collaborative team players, ambitious, tech-savvy, global-minded, goal-oriented, compassionate, generous, proactive, flexible, and much more.

Continue, by Your abundant grace, to work powerfully in their lives to fulfill the desires of their hearts. Thank You, Lord…

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