Month: April 2017

The Great Commission……Hearing the call again, while feeling unprepared😌

Fear is the greatest deceiver

There is a fire lit in my soul that continues to grow. It beckons me to the missions field again….for such a time as this. Though I should be reluctant, I am not. If I could jump on an airplane like I could before motherhood, and just GO, I certainly would.

Now I have another heart beat to plan around. What shots are needed? What are the customs of the people….their respect towards  women and children? Where will I stay to better ensure his and my safety? What group will we travel with? Are there any medical missionaries going with us…..neurologist (for my son) ? Is that even necessary? Will I take my mother along to nanny my son? Have there been any shifts in the ocean….if we are going some place with a lot of water? Have there been hurricanes, earthquakes….are we heading into those seasons? The research continues…

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