Holidays after Loss

May the Lord’s Presence and purpose for you and Zoya continue to strengthen and sustain you throughout each day.

God Provides for Us

So far, the holidays are so much worse than I expected.  I remember reading one person’s blog who said they were better than she expected, better than the ordinary days, but that is not the case for me.


Ordinary days have been hard, but this is worse.  I don’t know what is harder, doing things without him that we once did together or doing nothing at all.

The days are so long and pass so slowly.  Yet the weeks go so fast.  15418452_10153990353767026_2111564613899878282_o.jpgThese pictures are lovely, but all I see is the person who is missing.  I’m glad I was prepared for it to begin to get worse around the sixth month mark. I didn’t dread it, and knowing it was coming helps me hope that better days will also come. I didn’t realize all I’d lost.  Maybe I still don’t.

I didn’t just lose my love.  I lost…

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