What to Say to the Grieving – How Are You TODAY?

God Provides for Us


During a holiday party someone asked me a simple question.  She asked, “How are you TODAY?”  And then she did something even more rare, she listened to my answer, rather than guess my answer.

I’ve been trying to pay attention to what things really comfort me and what things cause me more pain, because without trying to consciously take notice, I really think I could pass through this whole time, not being able to off any more comfort to others than I could before.

There were two things in that exchange that made it particularly comforting.

  1. She acknowledge my loss.
  2. She listened to my answer.

I’ve noticed that those two things are very hard for people to do.


We don’t forget him.  People seem so afraid to bring him up.  It’s as if they fear they will upset us.  Well guess what guys, we’ve experienced great loss, the…

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