Conversion or Pleasing Men?

Revival & Reformation

1901981_743419672342359_1692262272_n(Charles Spurgeon)

A man picked himself up from the gutter and brushed up against Rowland Hill one night as he went home, and he said, “Mr. Hill, I am pleased to see you–I am one of your converts!

Rowland said, “I thought it was very likely that you were. You are certainly not one of God’s converts, or else you would not be drunk.”

There is a great lesson in that answer. Rowland Hill’s converts could get drunk, but not the converts of the Spirit of God–those are really renewed in the spirit of their mind, by a supernatural operation!

Our converts are no good.

If our preaching does not turn men . . .
from drunkenness–to sobriety,
from thieving–to honesty,
from unchastity–to purity,
then our Gospel is not worth a button!

But if it does all this, then this is the evidence that it comes…

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