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Happy Reformation Day! Luther on the “first duty” of the preacher

The following is from Luther’s “Preface to the Book of Romans,” to which John Wesley was listening at a meeting on Aldersgate Street when he found his heart “strangely warme…

Source: Happy Reformation Day! Luther on the “first duty” of the preacher


What Kinds Questions are College Students Asking About Religion and Politics?

the way of improvement leads home


Today I had the privilege of speaking to  Benjamin Knoll‘s “Introduction to Politics” class at Centre College, a liberal arts college in Danville, Kentucky where I am lecturing tonight.  Knoll has a very engaged group of students.  They came to class ready to talk about religion and the 2016 Presidential election.

Here were some of the questions that I fielded from the students:

Q:  Why do you think the Christian Right does not focus much on the environment, social justice, war, and other “life” issues that extend beyond abortion.

Q:  Why do so many evangelicals try to bring their faith to bear on politics?  Why can’t their religious faith just be a private matter?

Q:  Why do Catholic political candidates still face difficulty getting elected in the United States and especially the South?

Q:  Does evangelical fear of newcomers such as Muslims represent something new in American history?

Q: …

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