Evangelical Churches and Christian Colleges in the Age of Trump

the way of improvement leads home


“What responsibility do members of the academy bear for the shocking devolution of American politics that has just occurred? Quite a bit, I’d say.”

This is the thesis of Richard Wolin in a recent Chronicle of Higher Education essay entitled “How Did Trump Get Elected?: Take a Look in the Mirror.”

Here is a taste:

For one, the university’s historical role in purveying “truth” has diminished qualitatively. That it has become obligatory to put this term in quotation marks is a good indication of how far we have fallen. Whereas the pursuit of truth may retain its value at those bastions of educational privilege where a liberal education has remained meaningful, elsewhere the ideals of humanistic study have been essentially left for dead. In this respect, we have met the enemy and he is “us.”

The triumph of identity politics has also played a deleterious role. Amid the…

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