How Do We Reach This New Generation?

Heart & Path Journal

How do we reach this new generation with the message of Christ?

Their thought patterns, their cultures, the basis of their decisions, their perspective on life and death, their outlook on spirituality, it has all changed dramatically in the last decade here in America. The established church, in many ways, is grasping at air as they keep implementing their tried-and-true programs and techniques that seemed to work on the previous generation.

The Multi-Cultural & Multi-Generational Key

We will reach this new generation with the same Holy Spirit-empowered message that has been the key for 2,000 years since the birth of the Church on the Day of Pentecost.

The programs and techniques of yesteryear never were the key. They were man-made methods and constructs that only functioned if the Holy Spirit was involved. Our programs and techniques, sadly, often were barriers to the gospel, not bridges.

The Apostle Paul spoke…

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