The world is reeling today, the day after the election. Many are reeling with shock, disbelief, and rage. Others are rejoicing, praising the heavens, and exhaling with relief. One event, two incredibly different reactions.

Me? I’m doing neither: no shock, no rejoicing.

Just peace. Perfect peace.

How is that possible, some wonder? Friends, it’s possible because my hope was never in us, our country, or it’s leaders. My hope is in God. He alone is the only one who will never disappoint. He alone is our peace. He alone sets up kingdoms and authorities. He alone is sovereign.

My hope is not of this world for I know that this world is not my home.

When your faith is in Him, the things that shake this earth cannot shake your faith. Elections come and elections go, but Christ remains. Peace is possible because the Prince of Peace presides.

What about you…

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