Questions about Missions [Part I]

Northwest China Bloggers

I’m copying a conversation I had with a U.S. college student interested in missions.

His question # 1: Is it still possible to study Chinese full-time free in NW China?

My response: Yes. We have a guy like yourself who studied Chinese his last year in college in the U.S., while finishing up another degree. Then he moved to our city in NW China to study Chinese full-time for free at one of the universities. Now that he’s finished that year of full-time Chinese in China, he’s now beginning a Master’s degree at that college studying whatever he wants. For all the Chinese study, plus all the Master’s degree, all of his costs are paid by his school, including tuition, housing, & other living costs. Pretty cool for those interested to do something like that.

His question # 2: As a college student, how can I begin to prepare…

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