My Stewardship Testimony

Biblical Stewardship Principles

When I was growing up, I did not attend church on a regular basis. I became a Christian around my twenty-first birthday. Before my conversion, my god was money and possessions. I allowed materialism to motivate me in most areas of my life. I began working in our family business when I was twelve years of age. I soon realized that I had more opportunities to have stuff because I had money. The terrible truth of the matter was the more I got, the less satisfied with this life I became. Whether it was new clothes or a shiny, new 1969 Chevelle Super Sport, those things simply did not bring me happiness.

In August of 1972, I responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my personal Savior. Finally, I had found the answer to life and the fulfillment for which I had been searching.

My wife, who…

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