Four Key Principles of Repentance

A disciple's study

~ Tim Challies

In our family devotions we have been sharpening some big beliefs, learning some big truths. We have been doing this with help from David Helm as he has led us through the Westminster Confession of Faith. This was a confession that played an important role in my younger years, but one I had neglected until recently. It has been a joy to return to it and learn from it again.

Lately we have been learning about salvation and, more specifically, about turning from sin. We have seen together that our duty as Christians is to first hate sin, then to confess our sin, and then to strengthen our purpose in fleeing from sin in order to pursue righteousness. The Confession puts it this way (and please read this sentence slowly): “By [repentance] a sinner, out of the sight and sense, not only of the danger, but also of…

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