A few random lessons from Fatherhood, Church Planting, Denominational work:

Lane Corley

  • Experience in church planting just means you understand how hard the journey is going to be.
  • A five-month old puppy can tear up anything. Anything!
  • There is lots of ways to sponsor a church plant, but the most successful plants happen when senior leaders bet the farm and make it a top tier priority. That’s why multi-site works. Leadership buys in and is willing to pay the bills – spiritually, physically, and financially – putting the name of the ministry on the line for the sake of the plant. 
  • Entrepreneurial leaders make it happen anyway, because no is not an answer when the eternal destinies of people are at stake. 
  • The community is very open to the involvement of the faith community when we can fit them into our schedule.
  • No matter what you tell them, children insist on following your example.
  • 1 & 2 Corinthians could have been written…

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