Book Review: Kingdom Prayer by Tony Evans

Author David Wiley

I’m so excited to have the chance to review the first book I finished off my list of books I was excited about that were still releasing in the late part of 2016. Check out some of the other books that made the list, as I have a few of these already that I am working through in order to get a review up before the end of the year!

51l42lwnxsl__sx321_bo1204203200_Title: Kingdom Prayer: Touching Heaven to Change Earth

Author: Tony Evans

Published by: Moody Publishers (October 4, 2016)

240 Pages

Blurb: If you want to know the temperature of your spiritual life, look at the thermostat setting on your prayer life.

Prayer is the most misunderstood and neglected aspect of the Christian life. It has been estimated that most Christians pray three to five minutes a day. Compare that to the time many spend complaining, and you’ll gain insight into the…

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