5 Reasons To Teach Your Kids About The Reformation

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“During October we take a couple of nights each week in family worship to study the major figures and core issues of the Reformation. We’ve looked at the lives of John Calvin and John Knox, the burr in Martin Luther’s saddle that drove him to nail his 95 theses, the five solas of the Reformation, even why I believe Baptists are heirs of the Reformation (and why some might beg to differ).”

Our neighbor looked more than a bit puzzled at my daughter’s answer.

“I bet you’re looking forward to October 31, aren’t you?” she asked. My precocious 12-year-old didn’t bat an eyelash: “Of course. We love Reformation Day. We get to eat candy, sing hymns, and talk about Martin Luther.”

Okay, I’ll admit that vignette sounds a bit geeky in a theology nerd sort of way, as if I’m trying to raise Puritan children in an internet age. I’m not—at least not entirely (we enjoy our electricity)…

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