Pioneering Movements by Steve Addison


Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches

As you read Pioneering Movements you will discover three truths about movement making:
  1. Movements are led by apostolic leaders.
  2. Movement is God’s means for accomplishing the mission of Jesus.
  3. Movements are not just a topic to research, but a way to join God in his great redemptive work. My favorite line in this book is, “I was an expert , but I wasn’t living it out.” What you are reading is a rarity because the author refuses to let movement become merely an academic project. 


Some practitioners spend too much effort trying to get the strategy and methodology right rather than looking for the right person to invest in. If someone says to me, give me the method or give me the curriculum, I know they have not understood that this is accomplished through persons rather than through methods.
God can use times of…

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