10 Biblical and Practical Ways to Get Involved in Church Multiplication

Lane Corley

PlantingThere’s no right or wrong way to support church multiplication in North American and beyond. I like this list. Don’t let failure of imagination or the excuse, “I don’t know how”, keep you and your church from engaging the lost through church planting and multiplication.

  1. Engage in strategic intercessory prayer – Proverbs 16:3.
  2. Adopt a church planter and his family – Philippians 4:14-15.
  3. Contribute to the financial needs of a church plant – Acts 11:29.
  4. Provide materials and equipment for a new church – Acts 11:30.
  5. Share your campus facilities with a new church – Acts 3:6.
  6. Serve on a church planting mission trip – Acts 12:25.
  7. Discover unreached or under-reached people in your community – Matthew 28:19.
  8. Start an outreach Bible study that could become a new church – Acts 16:32.
  9. Send people and families to help a church get off the ground – Acts 13:2-3.
  10. Mentor Church Planting…

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