Good Vision

Jocelyn Crisostomo

Having a 20/20 vision is a good sight to see clearer what is ahead of us even in a far distance. Having a poor sight is troublesome. It needs to wear spectacle or lenses. It is the same sight we use in writing online and understanding readers. Wearing spectacle or lenses gives us new perspective in a clean and effective in a blog in a ministry or mission context.

There are three factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a blog in a ministry or in a mission context.

  1. Navigation.“The primary job of navigation is to lead the user around the site”—Neil Pater (Quick sprout). Navigation should be obvious to helps the reader or a follower to locate easily to the direction what they are looking for. It saved them time and effort to spend in searching. There are two goals why navigation is important. A.) to…

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