A Painful Stage of Grief

God Provides for Us

The stages of grief are not neat and orderly like you may have read in some Facebook article or seen on a sitcom. Disbelief, anger, sadness, and acceptance, are all stages you may or may not be in a million times, they aren’t orderly steps towards healing.

Now I’m in a stage where I’m coming out of a foggy place where I couldn’t remember him and his love, and into a place where I remember my amazing husband and am broken that I’ve lost him.

He sent me this photo a few nights before he was shot and killed in the same shirt he was wearing when he died. It says John 3:16 on it and has the verse writen out on the back.

How can a kid with a gun destroy this loving, joyful, wise, hopeful husband and father? If I only look at the physical world it seems…

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