The Gospel in Culture


“Biblical culture supersedes societal culture. Culture cannot be used as an excuse to disregard scriptural passages.”

– Stephen Allard

What is Culture?

Culture is complex. It is no wonder for such a topic there have been a myriad of definitions and explanations. Dutch anthropologist Dr. Geert Hofstede explains culture as “the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one category from another.”[1]

Dr. Tom Verghese summarizes culture simply as “the lens through which you look at the world.”[2] He states, “Culture is important because it shapes your psychological makeup.” [3]

Andrew Kirk rightly argues, “If we ignore the influence of culture we run the risk of seriously misreading situations.” [4]

We can and should compare cultural elements to essential, unalterable principles of Scripture, and come to conclusions about what to accept and what not to accept from a given culture. Culture does not dictate biblical…

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