Time With the Lord, Part 2: Tips for Study

James Pruch

In the first post on spending time with the Lord, I addressed why studying the Bible is necessary and vital and what are the key elements (of holiness) that we need to have when we study.  This post will be practical tips for how we would study a particular passage of Scripture.

Before I go on, though, I want to say a word about how long we should actually spend time with the Lord.  No doubt people will say that putting a mandate on time in the word will be legalistic.  I agree.  However, quality is not the only important aspect of our time with God.  Quantity is equally important.  Here’s why: Imagine that you are married (and some of you are married).  You go to work all day, perhaps talk to your spouse once for five minutes, and then come home and chat for 15 minutes.  Then you eat…

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