Stewards Are to Be Trustworthy

Biblical Stewardship Principles

Randy Alcorn says, “Servants seek to be trustworthy, to handle their master’s estate in a way that would please him. They do this until the master returns or until death, no matter how many years it may be until then. Stewardship is the servant’s life calling. Resignation is not an option.”[1]

“It is required of stewards that one is found trustworthy” (1 Corinthians 4:2). Faithfulness relates to the here and now. Some of us may think that if we had more money we would be better stewards for the Lord. Or if we were in some other place or had some other capabilities, we would serve Him better. But the man who is unfaithful with a hundred dollars will most likely also be unfaithful with a million. The man who does not serve the Lord in his own country will not likely be faithful to serve Him across the…

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