When God Could Use Someone Great, But Uses You

invited by grace

girl-sunset“You’ve got this.”

These three words.

Sometimes we just need to hear them. We just want someone to speak this assurance into our hearts.

“You’ve got this.” That’s what I silently told myself the other day as I was scrolling through a bazillion images on Pinterest, Etsy and the like.

Somehow, I have found myself helping to plan a new young mom’s ministry, and helping of all things, to plan the crafts too.

And to my craft-challenged brain, I might as well be studying quantum physics.

But if there has been an ongoing lesson in my life, it’s that God isn’t all that interested in my constant need to feel like I’ve got this.

It’s true, He gives us unique abilities and gifts – whether developed over time or simply inherited – that we should definitely hone and use. As the church, each of us should use our talents and resources to help others, genuinely for His glory.

And it’s a nifty thing when we feel naturally equipped and confident…

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