Not A One-Time Event

Christian Music and Inspirational Quotes

PearlThe concepts of service and sacrifice have been a part of my life since I was young. When I moved away from home at 14, I got my first taste of both. At first, though, there wasn’t really much of either service to God or sacrifice. It was more an experience … fun and exciting and new. Learning about God and others and myself. Growing up a little more. Making friends.

When I felt the “call to India” at 15, the concept grew a little more clear, and more poignant. When I was 16 and actually moved to India, and my best friend died half a world away, in my mind I tangibly felt God pull the rug of companionship and kin out from under me. I knew it was for a reason but that didn’t make it easier.

When I was 18, I visited my family for a short time…

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