Charles Stanley – Sifted for Service


2 Chronicles 32:1-31

In one way or another, we are all being sifted by the circumstances that God allows to come our way. Sifting is never comfortable, because it exposes the chaff in our lives. And every bit of chaff is destined for unquenchable fire. The Lord will go to any lengths to uncover this debris and consume it. We rarely know where it is lurking until God exposes it and then gives us the opportunity to deal with it.

King Hezekiah was given such a chance at the pinnacle of his astonishing career. He had just witnessed the Lord bringing about a spectacular victory over Sennacherib and the Assyrian hosts. After that, God healed him from a mortal illness, and then Hezekiah was also offered a supernatural sign that actually drove the shadow 10 steps backward on the sundial. (See Isa. 38:8.)

On the heels of these miracles…

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