The City of Heaven

Tracy Gatewood


Cities are important to God. In the NIV, there are 669 references to the word ‘city’. Cities being built, cities being destroyed, cities being attacked, cities falling under God’s wrath, cities being blessed in fact, for those that believe that God’s Son’s sacrifice paid the debt for all sin – God has prepared for them a ‘city in heaven’ ( Hebrews 11:15).

The writer of Hebrews could have used another word to describe this heavenly place;  region, colony, parish (for the Louisiana Christians), state, even Heaven by itself with no other geographical term, leaving what Heaven really is like up to our imagination, but the author of Hebrews uses the word ‘city’. This ‘Holy City’ is described in rich detail in Revelation 21:2-22:19, and in the final chapter of Revelation, refers to the restoration of Eden, the Garden of:

Revelation 22:1-5
 Then the angel showed me…

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