Permanent Change of Station

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As a former military guy, I quickly became acquainted with the acronym, PCS. It stands for “Permanent Change of Station,” which is a tad ironic since a PCS is anything but “P,” permanent that is. In fact, in my day, to qualify as a PCS, the move only had to be longer than 180 days.

I’ve tried to tally the total number of PCS moves I made. I’ve come up with six–which probably doesn’t seem like a lot, until I tell you that I was on active duty for 14 years–I finished my military career in the reserves. So, over 14 years, that averages a move every 2.3 years or so. Okay so it’s 2.33333333333… You got me.

Coupled with the not so “P” PCS moves, was a thing called TDY–which stands for Temporary Duty. You math geniuses have already figured out that, if a PCS is longer than 180…

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