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large_grant-the-gift-of-generous-joy-gzduspynHave you ever noticed that you have a tendency to share with others about problems, trials, and tragedies, but you are less inclined to share the joys in your life? Why is that? I explore one purpose behind your personal joy in “Your Joy Soothes Another’s Grief” at Desiring God this week:

“…What pastors experience acutely can become the experience of the church in general — a kind of sorrow overload. When everyone is mainly (or only) sharing burdens, how will the church bear up underneath the cripplingly heavy load?

Fellowship in the body of Christ is a two-sided coin. When failure and sorrow come, your partners in the gospel are there to share it with you. And we must not forget the flip side. When joy and celebration come, your partners should share it with you too…”

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