Book Review: Gospel-Powered Parenting

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As I continuemy journey through parenting resources, I stumbled across this book calledGospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting by William Farley. This was quite refreshing and gives a different dynamic to parenting that is very evangelistic, heart-centered, and God-centered.

Author: William Farley is a pastor at Grace Christian Fellowship Spokane, Washington has written for Reformation 21,The Journal of Biblical Counseling, Enrichment Journal, Discipleship Journal, and Focus on the Family. He has published several other books as well.

Summary: The book begins with addressing some assumptions related to parenting (Ch. 1) and then discusses the thesis of the book: the power of the Gospel (Ch. 2). The next three chapters hit specific topics related to the Gospel such as the fear of the Father (Ch. 3), the holiness of the Father (Ch. 4), and the Grace of the Father(Ch. 5). Farley then talks more directly to parenting…

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