Month: August 2016

Waking Up the Sleepers

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We can’t do this alone. Sometimes in leading a small congregation it’s easy to think you can because you’ve had to do nearly everything anyway. But if your church is going to grow, you have to awaken the…

God Wants to Use You

A Hurley's Journey of Faith

Ecclesiastes 3:1

This devotional has a quote written by Bill Bright.

Header (Grace for Each Day)

Day Fifteen:

The quote by Bill Bright reminds us that we need to have a plan, goal, purpose because if we don’t we aren’t going to accomplish anything.  This is true.  I know that in any area of life.  If I don’t wake up with a plan, or an idea of what I want to do in that day, then I end up not getting anything completed. Honestly, if I don’t have a plan of what I want to do, I tend to end up on my couch watching endless TV shows.  And while every now and then that is the best kind of day.  I can’t be doing that every day.  So when I wake, I know what I want to accomplish.  It’s the same idea/principal for our daily walk with Christ.

There is a time for everything…

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