Why God Set You Apart

Momentum Missions

In July, 42 students and leaders had the amazing opportunity to travel nineteen hours to Ponce Inlet, FL to attend Student Life Beach Camp and learn under David Platt, head of the International Mission Board. This is what we learned:

set apart

Clutching all of their worldly belongings in five plastic shopping bags the family of six Syrians stepped out in faith into the dark night. The war in Syria had gone on far too long and their once safe home had become a battleground-they had no choice but to flee. They traveled at night, under the light of the moon, and slept during the day, hidden under trees and bushes. When they finally crossed through Turkey, only one thing remained between them and safety and freedom-the Aegean Sea. Scam artists would overcharge refugees to get in flimsy rubber rafts and sail across the tumultuous, frigid sea. The family checked into a cramped hostel…

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