The Love-Powered Marriage

Walking Together in God's Promises

Wedding Rings - 1
The word “love” is mentioned 551 times in the ESV version of the Bible, “wife” 384 times, “husband” 115 times, bridegroom 26 times, “bride” 27 times, and  “marriage” 27 times. Love and marriage must be important to God.
Marriage begins the Bible with the creation of Adam and Eve and marriage ends the Bible with the marriage Supper of the Lamb and His bride, the church.
The Song of Songs, written by King Solomon, appears in the middle of the Bible and is often referred to by devout Jews as the Holy of Holies.
God refers to Israel as His wife, and the church is called the Bride of Christ.
There must be something special about marriage.
Could it be a reflection of what our relationship with God could be … intimate, serving, living for each other, passionate, sacred, and holy?
Let’s look at a few Scriptures.

From creation to…

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