Closer than Close, a Review

Walking Together in God's Promises


“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”Colossians 1:27

What if we redefined what a relationship with God means? We have relationships with our friends. We meet with them over coffee, dinner, or activities. They support us in our trials, and we cheer them on in their victories. Our relationships tend to be meet-ups.

Do we think of our relationship with God that way? Do we meet-up with God on Sundays, in small groups, and other activities? Maybe some of us schedule time with God on a daily basis through prayer and Bible study.

Is that the intended relationship with God?

Dave Hickman thinks not. In Closer than Close: Awakening to the Freedom of Your Union with Christ, Hickman reminds the Christian that Christ has taken up residence in us–we are one with Him.

“C.S. Lewis once described the relational union between the Father, Son, and Spirit as a kind of…

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