Missionary Principles Series: Introduction

Seth Tan


In a previous post on Missionary Principles, I quoted from Dr. Oswald J. Smith’s fantastic book “The Challenge of Missions“. Read the post first if you’ve not done so.

Dr. Smith laid out 11 helpful missionary principles that any Christian, whether pastor, missionary or laymen should know. I will start a series of posts to unpack the 11 principles to help you apply them today in our current day and age.

The great thing about principles is this: They are timeless.

Methods change but principles don’t. That’s why these core principles will help guide you in forming your own personal plan in missions.

I’m excited to start. Are you?

I’ll list and link all the 11 posts here as they are completed:
1. Our work must be evangelical

2. Our work must be evangelistic

3. Our missionaries ought not to be pastors of native churches

4. The chief work of the missionary…

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