Three Powerful Ways to Pastor Your Children

A Pilgrim's Friend

Successful partnership seen between Afghan Police, U.S. Special ForcesTwo days ago I spoke of three bad strategies I see parents take in shepherding their children. Today, I’d like to talk about three simple, but powerful, ways I have seen parents work to shepherd their children. As with most of life’s best practices, these are not necessarily profound or novel, but are basic and fundamental. In shepherding our children toward a living faith in Jesus Christ, parents must…

Work to Know Them. Parents will be hard pressed to know how to lead, protect, and provide for their children if they don’t know their children. Shepherding takes intimate knowledge of those you seek to shepherd. Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me…” (John 10:14). Jesus does not shepherd his people in the same way because He knows His sheep are all different. They have different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, fears, interests, histories, etc. As the…

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