11 Books I Wish Every Parent at My Church Would Read

A Pilgrim's Friend

bigstock-Stack-Of-Books-70033240-675x320A few Sundays ago, it was Youth Appreciation Sunday at my church and as the new youth minister I had the privilege and responsibility to preach for all five of our services. I preached out of Deuteronomy 6:4-8 and called our parents to embrace their youth as the primary shepherds of their children (click here if you’d like to hear the sermon). Instead of talking about our church’s youth ministry, I chose to talk about the youth ministries God desires our families to be. Instead of talking about myself as the youth pastor, I chose to talk about the parents as God’s primary youth pastors. I was humbled and thankful for the opportunity.

Although getting to preach at “big church” was very exciting for me, I found myself even more excited about what followed the sermon. After that Sunday my email inbox was filled with emails from parents…

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